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We are a food manufacturer that boasts of processed foods made from carp farmed in Miyazaki Prefecture. All parts of the carp We will be selling for the first time "Dragon Chips," Japan's first gourmet snack made from all the ingredients.

Company URL Booth No. 3-29
Press Release Country Japan
Export partner company Form of trading Direct transaction and Through trading companies and wholesalers
International trade experience Export record within 1 year
Product/Technology Snack gourmet "Dragon Chips". Bookmark
Features These snack chips are made from carp farmed in Miyazaki Prefecture. They can be used not only as a snack with beer, but can also be crushed and added to miso soup, salads, or rice balls as a nutritional supplement, making their use endless.
Category Snack, Superfood, Nutrition support food, Fish
Product features / Certifications
Country of production Miyazaki Form of selling Wholesale  and Retail
Retail Price Size・Weight per piece
Preservation method Room tempurature Expiration date
Shipping date Minimum order quantity
Materials, Additive
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