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In rich natural environment, we work hard to provide our customers with carefully selected Blueberries and other delicious fruits and vegetables. Then, we processed them and sold additive-free Jams, Vinegar and Massa(paste).

Company URL Booth No. 3-36
Press Release Country Japan
Export partner company Form of trading Direct transaction and Through trading companies and wholesalers
International trade experience Taiwan Export record within 1 year
Product/Technology Bleberry jam Bookmark
Features These Jams are made from home-grown blueberries, giving it the taste and aroma of it's natural ingredients. Made with Blueberries and granulated sugar, no gelling agents or other additives are included.
Category Processed agri-food
Product features / Certifications
Country of production Form of selling
Retail Price Size・Weight per piece
Preservation method Expiration date
Shipping date Minimum order quantity
Materials, Additive
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