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It founded in 1910.We produce authentic Mirin by traditional method.Only koji power bring out natural sweetness and mild Umami.Especially,"Organic Sanshu Mirin" is popular Department store and high class supermarket inJapan.Also,it is sold in HongKong and France.Andmore, chefs prefer to use our Mirin for dessert insted of honey.

Company URL Booth No. 10-2
Press Release Country Japan
Export partner company Form of trading Through trading companies and wholesalers
International trade experience France,HongKong,Singapore Export record within 1 year HongKong,Taiwan,Singapore,France,United Kingdom
Product/Technology Organic Sanshu Mirin 500ml Bookmark
Features Organic Sanshu Mirin was manufactured by a traditional brewing technique explained as "brewing as much mirin from as much rice."It is rich in the natural sweetness, deliciousness and flavor of rice.
Category Others
Product features / Certifications
ISO22000Organic Certification
Place of production Aichi Form of selling Retail
Retail Price 1040 Size・Weight per piece 65*65*230mm 0.9kg
Preservation method Room tempurature Expiration date One year
Shipping date Available all year round Minimum order quantity 3 cartons
Materials, Additive Organic glutinous rice,Organic malted rice,Organic rice shochu
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