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As a leader in the nucleic acid supplement industry, we have launched our flagship product, "Natural DN Collagen" since 1999 and it has become the best-selling supplement in Japan. Currently, FORDAYS has expanded to 8 different countries. We are in the midst of finding other countries to expand our business. Our OEM production contract is also available.

Company URL Booth No. 9-6
Press Release Country Japan
Export partner company Form of trading Direct transaction
International trade experience Taiwan, Hongkong, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Thai, Cambodia, Vietnam, China Export record within 1 year Taiwan, Hongkong, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Thai, Cambodia
Product/Technology Natural DN Collagen Bookmark
Features Water-soluble Nucleic Acid Supplement. It contains nucleic acids and nucleoprotein that have been converted into water-soluble form using advance technology. It is refreshingly delicious taste. We recommend regular consumption for health.
Category Supplement, Healthy drink
Product features / Certifications
ISO22000Health &Beauty Foods
Place of production Fukuoka Form of selling Retail
Retail Price 12,500 Size・Weight per piece W8.7*D8.7*H28.2cm, 720ml
Preservation method Room tempurature Expiration date 15 months
Shipping date Available all year round Minimum order quantity 60bottles
Materials, Additive Hydeolyzed collagen(porcine), Erythritol, Sugar, Salmon milt extract containing DNA, Glucose syrup containing rare sugars, Torula yeast extract containing RNA, Zinc yeast, Shark cartilage extract containing chondroitin, Cockscomb extract containing hyaluronic acid, Citric acid, vitamin C, Arginine, Magnesium carbonate, Sodium benzoate, Niacinamide, Flavor, Caramel color, Calcium pantothenate, Sucralose, Emulsifier, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Folic acid, Vitamin B12 (contains traces of pork, salmon, chicken, soybeans and dairy)
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