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In order to realize this mission,we have been practicing 2approaches. The other is"Supporting for Organic Rice Production, distribution, and sales".

Company URL Booth No. 6-55
Press Release Country Japan
Export partner company Global Ichiba Corp. Form of trading Direct transaction and Through trading companies and wholesalers
International trade experience Hong Kong Export record within 1 year Hong Kong
Product/Technology Rice grown by robots Bookmark
Features Rice,using our automatic weed control robot "Aigamo Robot" and not using herbicides during the cultivation period.We provide various varieties of rice from production areas all over Japan.
Category Rice/Grain
Product features / Certifications
Place of production Form of selling
Retail Price Size・Weight per piece Please contact us for details.
Preservation method Expiration date
Shipping date Please contact us for details. Minimum order quantity Please contact us for details.
Materials, Additive